The demand for electronic items are an upsurge in a massive scale in last few years, and it is predicted to follow the same,even a vigorous pattern in coming time. The heavy demands have to lead the manufacturer to produce at an enormous rate, and rapid technological changes have resulted in piling up of electronic goods in homes. With the new rules and regulation by CPCB in 2016, it has been made compulsory for all the producers to collect those obsolete items and safely dispose them or recycle them while following the drafted rules and regulations by CPCB.

We can understand that as a producer it might be a burden for you to take responsibility for e-waste disposal along with combating with your competitors in the market. As among the top scrap dealers in India, Virogreen offers you endless services in this regard and can take care of all activities related to e-waste management single handedly.

Services we provide

Electrical and electronic waste recycling and disposal services

We deal with the collection, transportation, segregating, recycling and disposing of services of all the electrical and electronic items such as TV, refrigerator, Air conditioners, fluorescent lamps, computer monitors, components such as circuits, motherboards and other related parts.

Plastic recycling

We also assist in the recycling of plastic wastes. We collect and recycle plastics into reusable products. To be precise, we try to make the best reuse of plastic products.

Reverse logistics

We collect all your e-wastes, returner and nonoperational goods from end users, dealers and retailers thus have been enlisted as one of the top scrap dealers in India.We use best recycling technology and salvage the working parts, metals and other components that can be utilized as raw materials or for reselling purpose. After the recovery of the reusable components, we again send it back to your organization.

Data formatting and disposal

Erasing of old data can be a huge risk affair as it involves complete deletion of the data but that is less likely to happen if done manually. We at Virogreen use our advanced technology to ensure a successful format of your data before recycling or disposing. We make recurring passes on the data to check its vulnerability until we are sure it’s safe for further process. To ensure that we use the most useful tools when destroying a data drive.

Advantages you will be having

  • 24X7 customer assistance
  • Timely completion of targets
  • Efficient and skilled workforce
  • Services strictly in accordance with the CPCB rules and regulations
  • Advanced and cutting edge technology
  • Quick addressing of customer queries
  • A trust of ISO 14001: 2004 certification

If your organization also needs our service, then kindly contact us through mail or call us in our mentioned number. We will be glad to assist you through our effective e-waste management solution.